Children’s Workshop

 Skittles Club

These are workshops designed for children between 7 and 12 yrs

Workshops are based on ‘Socio-Emotional Learning’ and ‘Emotional Intelligence’. SEL is the process where children acquire positive attitude, skills and knowledge required to build good relationships, manage emotions, make good decisions, set and achieve set goals.
These workshops serve as an extension of one of the prime areas of your child’s development from their Early Years Foundation stage-(Personal, Social and Emotional Development). This is achieved by engaging children in activities that engage their emotional and logical thinking skills. Most importantly, children begin to build and reflect on the POSITIVE VALUES we try to instil in them.

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Magnum Club (Children and Youth Development Workshop)

These are Emotional Intelligence (EQ) competent workshops designed for teenagers and youth

Research indicates that supporting emotional and social development is the missing piece in the education of our youth. Researchers from various fields of inquiry have come to similar conclusions- The importance of educating not just the mind, but the whole person. There is mounting evidence to support a strong link between socio-emotional learning and academic performance; research also suggests an increased likelihood that youths who build social- emotional competencies will develop VALUES and ATTITUDES that lead to safer, less risky life choices (Elias et al.,1997).

Seeking Refuge

Using real life global crises of refugee displacement as a basis of discussion, this workshop is created to build and encourage an increase in the value of Empathy, compassion and mutual understanding for others at home , school and community.

This workshop is highly interactive, allowing kids to think outside the box and express their inner thoughts in a safe environment.

  • Children will make use of their emotional intelligence as a tool set to explore their feelings regarding other people who are in need of refuge/ help/ a friend
  • Children will increase their feelings of empathy
  • Build the confidence to show compassion to others

*Children will receive a free Brain Talent Profile- The Brain Talent Profile is a simple, yet powerful test which tells participants a bit about their brains and unique skills.

Pushing the “Pause Button”

Kids make Choices by default or out of habit; fuelled by friends, family, media, faulty information or none at all.
What do you need to consider when making choices?
What are the 5 quick steps to consider to ensure you make the right choice?
Do you “Act intentionally” or “React” to situations.

Activities will provide opportunities to;

  • Participate in a wide range of daily choice making processes
  • Gain awareness of the importance of conscious and effective choice-making
  • Closely examine the consequences they are willing to accept for positive and negative choices made
  • Build awareness of personal values and behaviour

Talents for Tolerance

What are your unique Brain Talents? Find out in this fun, interactive, powerful hour of learning about your unique strengths. You’ll get a free assessment, your Brain Talent Profile, and learn about;

  • What is Tolerance – and is it something important to us?
  • Explore the two extreme sides of the tolerance spectrum of love and hate
  • to support ourselves AND others?
  • What is one way we can create more connection and collaboration
  • Building the value of tolerance without indulging certain characters

Piecing the Quilt

This workshop is designed to model, build and encourage self-confidence/ acceptance by focusing on positive attributes that build on strength, whilst discouraging any negativity and weakness in their disposition that may make them susceptible to peer pressure.

Kids make up and internalise self/talk statements about themselves.
Often times these statements are comments made by peers, teachers and family.
The activities will get the kids to:

  • Examine their level of self-confidence/acceptance
  • Identify and share any existent negative and positive self- talk habits
  • Utilise techniques to build positive self-talk skills
  • Explore choices & assumptions related to peer pressure
  • Build skills in recognising & quashing activities that pressure themselves and others

Phenonemal Me

Developing self acceptance

Some kids make up self- talk about themselves, loosely based on internalising what their peers, teachers or family think of them’
This workshop is an introduction to the concept of self -worth and self- measurement.
Kids will examine the concept of who they are, as individuals and consider ways of evaluating their self –worth.

Objective of the workshop:

  • Model and encourage building on positive strengths and attributes whilst discouraging their focus on negativity and weakness.


  • Explore level of self-acceptance
  • Help kids identify and share both negative and positive self- talk and possible roots
  • Build kids positive self –talk skills
  • Develop stress management technique

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