Parent’s Workshop

A child’s ability to handle frustration, optimism, accountability, self -control, delayed gratification, compassion, emotions and getting along with others is a better prediction of success than IQ.

When you take a close look at what our children have to deal with, we would realise that, the academic yardstick for life success such as being good in sciences, maths, English etc., are the least we should worry about. However, the ability to cope with the daily issues that children can’t escape – coping with bullying, intimidation, making and keeping friends, peer pressure, Social media, emotional roller coasters and various influences outside the home has now become fierce competition for parents trying to raise wise, valuable kids.

Social Emotional Learning is the process where children acquire the desirable skills needed to make good decisions, manage their emotions, and behaviour, develop and sustain good friendship and building positive values. These skills are learnable and taught over time. In order to teach children, parents also need to practice Social Emotional Learning skills as our children will certainly not get these skills from school.

Building Optimistic Children

Optimism is a learned skill. Optimists live longer healthier, successful lives. They see failure as a transitory obstacle that can be overcome by renewed persistence and additional effort

At this workshop you will;

  • Learn how to rise above the pessimism that accompanies negative thoughts and behaviours
  • Discover how optimism can help you change your internal dialogue from positive to negative
  • Discover how your positive attitude equates to your child’s confidence to achieve

Parenting with Emotional Intelligence


  • To learn how to apply emotional intelligence when raising your child
  • To unlock your child’s opinions and increase their self confidence
  • To learn new techniques to help your child identify harmful recurring patterns
  • To equip yourself to recognise opportunities for creating intimacy and deeper understanding with your child
  • Most of all you will learn more about how to use your emotions as a positive, helpful source of energy and information and then share this understanding with your family.

 Raising Accountable Children

“Emotional intelligence to help children make Positive Choices”

What helps children make healthy choices? What leads you and your kids to make the choices you do?

  • Learn the EQ tools essential for raising children who can think for themselves
  • New ways communicating to have discipline without emotional damage

Educating Children from the Heart

“Emotional Intelligence to help teach Empathy and Acceptance”

This workshop will;

  • Help you understand the power of empathy as a parent
  • Develop more effective ways of communicating with your children
  • Ensure you remain your child’s ally due to your supporting role as a parent

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